Emergency Resilience is dedicated to helping public servants build resilience in unpredictable work environments by integrating marginal topics into routine training. Awareness is a fundamental step in addressing the current issues our trade faces today. Through continuous training and education, we can shift our culture into becoming more proactive and resilient to the challenges and adversities our vocation inevitability experiences.
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    Training revolving around death notifications, grief and mental stressors that arise as a result of this line of work are rarely offered elsewhere. Together we can change that conversation.

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    Courses developed and taught by a licensed paramedic with a Master's degree in death and grief, over 10 years of teaching experience and 15+ years in the EMS field.

Death Communication for First Responders

This course has been approved for 3 hours of instructor based continuing education.

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Death Communication for First Responders

Death Communication for First Responders

How to deliver unfortunate news

Research continues to stress the importance of remaining on scene for up to 30 minutes to improve the outcome and survivability of cardiac arrest patients. But what happens when even the most successful efforts fail and a patient must now be pronounced on scene? Historically, institutions have failed to prepare first responders for this outcome, and "training" for this situation is experiential (trial and error) at best. 

In this class, you will learn how to communicate with bystanders effectively, how to identify the process of grief, as well as understand the positive impact that first responders can have on the survivors when we make the choice to remain on scene.


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A percentage of your purchase will directly be gifted to the Iverson Foundation for Active Awareness. The IFAA has made it its mission to change the culture within the first responder community.
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