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Continuing Your Education Should Be Exciting.

Emergency Resilience goes beyond traditional first responder CE subjects, integrating marginal topics into routine training to help public servants become resilient in the stressful and challenging work environment we encounter every day.

While other CE providers help you save lives by expanding and updating emergency medical skills, my courses focus on helping first responders manage aspects of our jobs often left undiscussed—like how to (and how NOT to!) deliver death notifications with compassion and empathy.

With each Emergency Resilience CE course I create, I combine my experiences as a first responder with my research in psychology to give you simple processes you can implement to make your job less stressful and more rewarding.

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Death Communication

Death Communication® teaches first responders how to communicate with and support the survivors of cardiac arrest patients. This course has been approved for 3 hours of instructor-based continuing education, authorized by the Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE).

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Why Choose My

CE Courses & Custom Trainings


more effectively with patients and families about sensitive topics like death notifications, grief and bereavement support, and behavioral and psych emergencies.


yourself and your team members to set healthy boundaries and process on-the-job traumas. Avoid burnout by proactively addressing common mental health challenges in our field.

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burnout and help first responders recognize when boundaries need to be established and when on-the-job traumas should be processed with a licensed professional.


safe, empathetic ways to approach grieving, distressed, mentally ill, or intoxicated patients that encourage positive outcomes between providers and the communities that they serve.

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Alexandra Jabr, lead instructor at Emergency Resilience, keynote speaker, PhD Psychology, EMT-P

Meet Your Instructor

Alexandra Jabr, PhD & EMT-P

Hi! I’m Alex, founder and lead instructor at Emergency Resilience. I began my EMS career in 2003, and I’ve served as an EMT, paramedic, cardiac tech, EMS Coordinator, and EMS Educator.

After nearly 15 years in the field, I returned to school to earn my Master’s Degree in Death, Grief, and Bereavement. I went on to complete my Ph.D. in Depth Psychology, deepening my understanding of the complex psychological and emotional demands of our jobs as first responders. Specifically, how we can maintain our own mental health to become a strong, positive resource for patients, grieving loved ones, and our “work families”, who are facing the same challenges and hard decisions as we are daily. 

My dream is to create space in the CE industry for instructors like myself to offer courses that don’t fit into the typical “core training” box. Because career growth and fulfillment as a first responder is about much more than CPR re-certs and NREMT refresher courses!

In the future, I intend to coach other educators to become CE providers, because I’d love to see more exciting, engaging content offered to first responders.

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